About Our Church

Our History

Aveleigh Church is found in downtown Newberry SC and was founded in

May of 1835.

Services start at 9:15 am Sundays on Facebook.

Also, here on Facebook, tune in for midweek devotions for the whole family!

1. God is the Trinity

2. Church is One

3. Jesus is The Savior

4. Salvation by Grace

5. Through Gift of God

6. Bible is the Word of God

7. Election

8. Covenant Life of Believers

9. Stewardship over all life

10. Sin is idolatry

1-3 : All Christians

2-4 : Protestants

7-10 : Reformed

Our Mission Statemtent

We are called to CELEBRATE God's presence, GROW closer to God's Son, EQUIP God's people, and SHARE God's good new. 






Meet the Pastor

Pastor Dr. Mitch Van Metre shares messages with those in attendance and online ranging from going out and doing God's work for others, to how to grow closer to Him and live in a relationship personally with Him.

Our blended style service starts at 9:15am, including a mix of music types.

This is then followed by our Sunday School time, with groups offered to people of all ages at 10:30am.

We do hope you join us and grow closer to God

with us, while trying to reach out and make the world a better place.

Our Core Values