About Aveleigh

Aveleigh Presbyterian Church

ECO: A Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians

Who We Are

Nestled in a gem of a community of about 13,000 is Aveleigh Presbyterian Church in Newberry, South Carolina. Aveleigh is a place of blessing “where laughter comes easy and hard times are shared, where kindness is valued and love is never spared.”

We are a praying church formed in 1835. Our congregation is a loving family of 125 members with abiding hearts living in the Lordship of Jesus Christ. We appreciate the reality of God’s Holy Spirit in Aveleigh’s ministry. Our hearts are of one purpose in our Lord Jesus Christ to please and glorify God in our faith and obedience to His Will and Word. Aveleigh is known as a Spirit filled, loving, family church in our community.

Newberry is in a county of approximately 32,000 residents located on I-26 between Greenville / Spartanburg and Columbia. We are a loving Christian community blessed with our own community hospital, the restored Newberry 1882 Opera House, a strong K-12 educational system as well as Newberry College and Piedmont Technical College The community still enjoys gathering in historic downtown Newberry for the Christmas Tree Lighting, Memorial Day, and Veteran’s Day Parades. We have a Saturday morning farmer’s market and our own community 1240 radio station on which area churches’ worship services are regularly broadcast.

We strongly believe people are drawn to Christ’s Body in the sharing of God’s Love and Word. The simple Love and Truth of Scripture is important to the Aveleigh family. We believe that God’s Holy Spirit does the transforming of the heart. So our purpose as the Body of Christ is to love, support, share, pray, and encourage each other to share our God-given gifts with others.

What We Believe

Since 1835, the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the tone of the Reformed Tradition is our banner. We are devoting ourselves to reaching the Newberry Community as Disciples of Jesus the Christ.

Our Mission

The Aveleigh Mission as the Body of Christ: to reflect the Light, Life, and Love of Jesus the Christ in the Newberry Community and beyond in the power and guidance of God’s Spirit in the tone of the Reformed Presbyterian Tradition.

Our Core Values

  1. We value the Lordship of Christ as head of the Church and the center of our lives.
  2. We value Praise and Worship where we experience God through Word & Sacraments, inspiring music, personal and corporate prayer, invitation to ministry, mission and stewardship of our lives for Jesus Christ.
  3. We value the power of Prayer and encourage its thoughtful use in all that we do.
  4. We value Bible-centered preaching and teaching in the Reformed tradition through which we experience God personally and through which the Word of God comes alive in our everyday lives.
  5. We value the Theology of the Reformed Tradition and the polity of the Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians as set out in its Constitution.
  6. We value Evangelism through which people are encouraged to know God̓s unconditional love and marvelous grace through a personal and transforming relationship with Jesus Christ.
  7. We value Mission as God̓'s calling for us to spread the Gospel and the love of Jesus Christ by helping those in Spiritual and material need.
  8. We value Genuineness which encourages us to be truthful with each other and with God and enables us to share life and community at the deepest level.
  9. We value Family as God̓'s institution where Christian values are taught, nurtured and lived in everyday lives.
  10. We value Fellowship where we discover Christ in the midst of the community of faith in groups large and small as we worship, witness and do ministry and mission together.
  11. We value Caring as the Holy Spirit guides and empowers us to serve each other, the community, and the world.

Welcome to Aveleigh