Weekly and Monthly Ministries

Meetings, Bible Studies and Social Groups are all part of the experience at Aveleigh Presbyterian Church.

Explore the opportunities below.

wednesday bible study

Wednesday Night Bible Study

Come join us for Bible Study and a delicious meal in the fall and in the spring.

womens bible study

Women’s Bible Studies

Anne Johnson and Ann Price, Co Leaders

A new Bible Study will begin in September and end in March.

mens bible study

Men's Bible Study

Ken Waites, Leader

Our Men's Bible Study is a gathering of men in our community on Tuesdays at noon. We bring our lunch and enjoy studying the Word and being in community and fellowship! Currently, we are studying the book of ACTS.



Michael and Amy Coleman, Leaders

We aspire to guide 6th -12th graders in the deeper discovery of their faith and identity of Christ. The journey of discovery can often be bumpy; we believe youth weren't created to do it alone, but in fellowship with other believers. We are dedicated to helping students experience a Christ-like community in a fun, safe, nonjudgemental space.

sunday school

Sunday School

Alex Harrell, Superintendent

Sunday School meets from 10:45 until 11:30 each Sunday. With adult, youth, and children’s classes, this Bible-based time is dedicated to learning more about who God is, what Jesus Christ has done for us, and focusing on how to live a life that glorifies our Savior. Come join us for this important hour each week!

kids church

KIDS Church

Louise Parr, Chair

During both worship services each Sunday, KIDS Church at 9:15AM and 10:45AM Church is an opportunity for K3 through 5th graders to learn God’s truths and redemptive story by the grace of the Gospel through creative presentation and discussion of God’s Word. This broadly-graded ministry time includes Bible reading, story videos, Scripture memorization, games, crafts, skits, song, and prayer.

childrens sermon

Children's Time

At the 9:15 Worship Service, a Children's Message is presented by Cheryl Parr.

childrens council

Children's Ministry Team

Victoria Summer, Chair

The Children's Ministry Team provides a loving, nurturing, and safe childcare program during Aveleigh worship services and administers Christian- based programs for children throughout the year. Many programs such as VBS, Lenten and Advent activities, and Fall Festival are planned and implemented for the Body of Christ at Aveleigh by the Children’s Ministry Team.

Children's Ministry Team will meet Sunday, April 14 in Truesdell Hall after the 10:45 Worship Service.

Good News Club

Good News Club

Cheryl Parr, Leader

The Good News Club at Boundary Street Elementary School. Each year Aveleigh ministers to the children at Boundary Street Elementary School by offering a six-week-after-school program to present the gospel of Jesus Christ.

forever young

Forever Young

Kitty Crocker and Pat Turner, Leaders

Forever Young is a group of retired people at Aveleigh who meet the third Wednesday of each month from September through May in Truesdell Hall for lunch and a program. We take turns preparing the food and selecting the program. Come join us for food and fellowship!

Forever Young will meet Wednesday, April 17 at noon in Truesdell Hall.

dinner group

Dinner Groups

Sherry Swindler, Chair

Dinner Groups are organized to promote and facilitate Christian fellowship within the congregation. Most groups meet monthly; some groups have meals in each other’s homes; some go out for lunch; all enjoy being with each other and catching up on each other’s life walk.

fellowship time

Fellowship Time

Louise Parr, Adult and Family Ministry

Fellowship Time (10:20 – 10:45) is an opportunity for all of the Body of Christ at Aveleigh to meet and greet each other in Truesdell Hall with the added gift of hot and cold drinks and snacks. Greeting while being treated is part of our Sunday experience!

easter cantataeaster cantata

Music Ministry

Pierre Harris, Director of Music

Our Aveleigh Music Ministry spreads the Word of God through music experiences. The purpose of the Music Ministry is to share the gospel of Jesus Christ through songs, encouraging believers in their walk with Christ and creating a Spiritually nurturing environment through various music genres. We also enjoy the unity of congregational singing as voices come together in oneness in the Body of Christ at Aveleigh.

Our music ministry includes the Aveleigh Ringers, Aveleigh Third Sunday Singers, Aveleigh Sunday Singers and Aveleigh Praise Team.

praise team

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